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Information on Special Housing Areas around Arrowtown

At the full QLDC Council meeting on 3rd June the motion below proposed by Councillor Gilmore and seconded by our local ward Councillor Scott Stevens was passed overwhelmingly with only Councillor Gazzard voting against. (Councillor Gazzard wanted to add the (Centennial Avenue) Bracken Ridge SHA but got no support for that)
In summary the motion only 4 SHA expressions go further - NONE of these are amongst the 3 SHAs proposed on the Arrowtown Urban Growth Boundary !!!
We do not think that the Council will accept a no growth option for Arrowtown so we will need to work together to  establish a controlled growth plan for Arrowtown that everyone can live with and which enhances Arrowtown's special character.
Look out for Council driven charettes/workshops/meetings in the near future.
These are also likely cover the medium density plans for parts of Arrowtown under the current District Plan Review due out for consultation in August.


Do you have an interest in Arrowtown – “YOUR TOWN”?

Do you want a say in what happens in Arrowtown?

Do you want to be informed about what is happening that may affect you in YOUR TOWN?

Ensure your town is as you want it to be, join the Arrowtown Village Association,
a volunteer run, charitable organisation which has operated for many years
to express members views on all range of topics to Local and Central Government.

To be fully representative of residents we need to have your views heard, so become a member and be involved. 

Hi, and welcome to the Arrowtown Village Association website – we aim to be the voice of the Arrowtown community. 

As well as initiating new projects the AVA works with the community and statutory authorities to improve the outcomes for the Arrowtown community and environment. 

The Arrowtown Village Association has completed many projects throughout the town and within its area, such as the first walking bridge over the Arrow River, the second walking bridge over the Arrow River, the Feehly Hill Restoration Project, the Security Camera Project and the Senior Net Project to name just a few.

We are an entirely voluntary run organisation with around 200 members but the more members we have, the stronger and more representative of the community we are.   All members have the right to vote at our annual AGM- if you’re interested in becoming a member, here is the Membership Form.

Our monthly committee meeting is held on the fourth Thursday of each month at the Athenaeum Hall.   We welcome members of the Arrowtown Village Association to our meetings.   

Your views and and opinion are actively sought, the Arrowtown Village Association is the collective voice of the Arrowtown people.  It is the role of the AVA committee to represent that voice, particularly when a majority opinion is made known.  This is irrespective of the views or interests of the individual committee members.

We look forward to continuing to act on behalf of our fellow Arrowtowners.

Our Mission Statement: The Arrowtown Village Association shall strive to be an excellent example of community action working in an energetic, co-operative and organised manner for the benefit of all residents, businesses and the village as a whole. 

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